tomorrow is friday right?

And. How. Thank goodness for Fridays. Especially Fridays where all children are at school and we are houseguest free. Not that having my brother in law was a burden, but a Friday where I don’t have to think about anything but my list of to dos and checkmarks that will follow. Greta ended up coming down with croup this week so that kept her home from school. Fortunately, you’d never know she was sick, other than the 12 hours of barking seal sounds coming from her mouth. She never ran a fever or was irritable. That is until today. Maybe I kept her home one afternoon too much. The girl needs school. Let me tell you. It’s hard to talk someone who doesn’t feel sick into laying on the couch and resting.

I have nothing fun to share on the blog, no posts written. The kids’ classes are all consuming at the moment. I even had to go teach art to Greta’s class without Greta on Wednesday. Of course that meant I came home and had to the same lesson for her because that girl was not going to miss out on an art project, especially one her mama created. I had no choice as there were 6 parents who were scheduled to watch the lesson. So I even had to be actually prepared! Three kids, three classes, three art lessons, room parent times three. It’s a lot. I told myself I will do art for all three, and be room parent for all three and that’s it. That is until I get last minute calls for cancellations at computer lab or gardening or library. Last week I volunteered all 5 days there! I don’t think I thought this through, somehow I have to coordinate being at and planning three fall class celebrations. It may be tricky. I really thought I was going to plan ahead and coordinate all 3 kids’ art lessons to happen on 1, max 2 days. Yeah, no go. I am there three separate afternoons. But I do love it and the kids enjoy it. Walking into their class and seeing their eyes light up and getting questions flown at me immediately with, “what’s art today? what are we doing? who are we learning about?” It’s special so I’ll keep my complaints to a minimum. There I’m done. I should be thankful that I have a work schedule that allows me to be flexible. I should be thankful that my kids attend a school where they value my volunteering. I should be thankful that all 3 kids are at the same school.

Afternoons are no joke in this household too. I cannot have another child. There. I said it. Three kids’ worth of homework is my ultimate max. I can’t even do all 3 at the same time. We have to work in shifts. I can only do Greta and Gunnar or Sawyer and Greta. Gunnar and Sawyer cannot be a combination at the same time. From the moment we walk in the door at 2:45-3 I am blending smoothies, and filling snack plates. By 3:15 we are at the table and working. And we don’t finish til 5 usually. And somehow we’re supposed to eat dinner at 5:30. Fortunately Aaron walks in the door at 4:30 and he will take whichever kid is left. Then there are spelling words to practice, book reports to work on, sight words to learn, and don’t forget each kid has to read 20 minutes. That’s an hour worth of reading in this house. Which honestly I could care less about. My kids read too much. Yep. I have to argue with them to stop reading or not to bring their book to the table. But just the act of filling out reading logs takes me more time. I cannot imagine next year where I will have a 1st, 3rd, and 5th grader. I have no clue how working parents can get it all done. I’m holding on by a thread over here. Fridays is a no homework day and the afternoons are oh so lovely.

So yes, tomorrow is friday right?