House Project- Backyard Fort

This project was started back in late June, but saw it’s completion last weekend. My mother and father in law were here in June and the hunt for wood and brainstorming of plans began. Originally I had envisioned an on the ground fort. But my husband and father in law and two sons disagreed. We came to a compromise where the entrance would not be from the roof (lord have mercy!), but it would be off the ground. The base was completed in one weekend, but then it took a little different path than we imagined and so we had to wait until we had the time and energy to finish it. Aaron has been doing a lot of envisioning and research when it came to railings and rope ladders. I absolutely love the finished product and the kids are beyond thrilled. They have eaten dinner up there once, and have spent countless hours playing up there.

The kids also finally agreed on a name. I told them each to pick one word and then we would combine them. Gunnar somehow talked Greta into teaming up together for their two words and chose “all stars” and Sawyer’s contribution was “cheesy”. Thus Fort Cheesy All Stars came to be. In this first photo you can see our fire pit area in the background, I’ll share a post later this week with the finished product of that. We absolutely love our little backyard and it’s so nice spending time out there together.

I had some leftover paint I found in an obnoxious green color, apparently this paint was a contender when we redid the kids’ art closet, glad we went with something less bright. But it made for some fun signs.