Caramel Chocolate Covered Marshmallows- OH MY!

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I think these and the peppermint bark were neck and neck as far as deliciousness. Wow. These were so good! I have to admit I am quite inexperienced in the baking world, so the caramel melting part came with a lot of trial and error. I thought I could just melt the caramel like I did the chocolate. Nope. It takes a much higher heat to melt caramel. While I was brainstorming this with Aaron I had the kids keep busy by watercolor painting the doilies we picked up a few days earlier at the baking supply store.

We put candy sticks in to the marshmallows and laid them out on wax paper. Once the caramel was melted we dipped our marshmallows, it's a little tricky however. If the caramel is too hot it'll melt the marshmallows, if it's not hot enough it'll be too thick to coat them. Kind of a pain, but once you get it right it's worth it. I would recommend NOT placing your caramel covered marshmallows back on the wax paper. Oy vey. Nightmare. We had to chill the marshmallows with caramels to set the caramel, which then stuck to the wax paper, so we had to heat up the caramel just a tad to separate it from the wax paper. I recommend after dipping in the caramel put them on a nonstick sheet like I did below. I learned this valuable lesson.

Then we dipped in melted chocolate and sprinkled with either leftover crushed peppermint candies or sprinkles. Heavenly. The watercolor doilies were dry by this point so we placed each marshmallow stick onto it's own doily and it made for a super cute presentation. We took all our baked goodies over to my mom's where she was having a bunch of people over for dinner.