This last year has been rough on my Sawyer's little body. If you remember, we found out he was allergic to shrimp and then calamari, so now we stay away from all shellfish. Years ago we also found out he's allergic to penicillin, like his dad, and he gets hives around cats, certain dogs, and horses. Poor guy. It has become increasingly evident that I should take some proactive measures for him. I can see how uncomfortable he gets, how his skin gets pink or itchy or dry and I never really know why. I have had suspicions lately that he's allergic to a lot more than we are aware of, so I made an appointment with an allergist that a friend referred us to (thanks!).

The last few months his poor lips have turned from dry and chapped to bloody and painful. It goes in waves and sometimes it'll look like it's healing and then the next day they're swollen and we're back at square one. I took him to our family doctor and we decided to rule out things one at a time. First, we killed two birds with one stone because he had an ear infection and he had to go on antibiotics. The antibiotics didn't clear it up so I figure it was no secondary infection. Next, onto an ointment for bacteria. Wasn't that. Third, onto an ointment for fungus. Nope. All along the way I have had an appointment to see a pediatric dermatologist, but since it takes weeks to get in I thought I would see an allergist and find out what I'm giving my poor boy to ingest or breathe in that could be exacerbating the problem. I also notice his behavior can be less than stellar when he's not quite right.

Our first visit was great, we love the doctor and she was so thorough. She couldn't do the allergy skin test that day because upon examination she said he was in such an allergic state that we have to get him well before we can find out what his allergies are. Ironic right? Can't test him to see what he's allergic to because he's too allergic at the moment? I love that she made us an entire routine for his skin/body care. For the next weeks we are to give him warm showers twice a day, which unlike popular opinion, the dryer the skin the more you need to keep it clean and hydrated. Moisturizers penetrate better on damp skin. We are to wash his face twice a day, particularly lips, hydrate with a cream I have never heard of before where I could only find it at Walgreens, called Vanicream. It has no parabens, dyes, fragrance, nothing! It's super rich and I think I'm going to start using it on myself. For his lips, after the Vanicream, we use Vaseline. And then she also has him on meds for inflammation and zyrtec for allergies. When she looked in his nose she explained that healthy tissue in the nose appears pink, infected tissue appears red, and his is.... BLUE. Yep, allergic reactions cause the tissue in the nose to turn a beautiful blue. She said if she had a student working with her she would use Sawyer as a perfect example.

In addition to all this, I've switched our laundry detergent to a dye/fragrance free kind, vacuumed the drapes in his room, vacuumed the mattresses. So we'll see. I'm pretty good about vacuuming all that and changing sheets weekly but I had to tell Sawyer we need to cut down on the stuffed animal situation that is going on in the bottom bunk. He conceded. I think he's so excited at the prospect of feeling better and knowing what is setting him off. Whether it be grass or dust mites, or something seasonal, or even dare I say Lola. We will get this little boy healed and fixed and then this mama can start sleeping again at night after countless months of being worried for my Soso.

I'll keep you all posted. We go back for skin test in two weeks and we'll see what causes this boy to react the way he does. I also am having Gunnar tested as well. I just found out at the appointment that my boys' little white line that they have on their nose is an allergy crease. It was always so prominent on Gunnar in summertime that I related it to the sun or swimming. But she thinks it's most likely an allergy to something present during those months. Which makes complete sense. We shall see.

We are off to a pediatric dermatologist this afternoon just to make sure there is nothing else it could be. But so far he is about 75% better. So happy for my little guy.