what we're up to

Don't forget about the giveaway!!!

Greta started back at school yesterday but we had some good girl time together last week when the boys were in camp. We spent a day getting pedicures and shopping at all the stores she requested. i.e. Claires. Oy vey. My hands will be full.

all photos taken with iPhone

Then one day she thought it would be okay to take my jury summons return envelope and draw hearts all over it, WHILE I was on the phone WITH the court trying to get an excuse. I then had to mail this back to them and hope that they find it ironic. (she recently learned how to draw a dog bone)

On Saturday Aaron got this wonderful idea to reorganize my closet. I have had some clothes at my parent's house that have been there for the last 5 years. Occasionally I trade out some of the dresses, but it was time to move everything to my house. And I had no room. Thus, the reorganization was needed. I have bags full for Goodwill, bags to give away, and then some stuff to sell on eBay too. My closet has never looked so glorious. Here's just a peek. I can't show you the whole thing because then you would know how many clothes I own and then I'd have to kill you. There are no before photos because I want you to still respect me and have the perception that I am a good housekeeper. But secretly I can tell you that you couldn't see much of the floor before. There were piles and bags and shoes stacked (neatly) all over the floor.

In order for it to look this good I did have to take over a bar in Greta's closet, but it just sits there unused! Now everything has a place. I actually smile every time I walk into my closet.

I've also been doing a lot of house chores that I really don't find that exciting. Organizing my closet, exciting. Vacuuming the mattresses, not so much. Greta fortunately is thrilled with this job so she helped me out. And she's so small she comes in pretty handy when it comes to dusting under the boys' bunk beds too.

The kids were so bored this afternoon that they even asked for some math problems! Not Gunnar, he's too smart to think that math problems are still 'fun', but the two little ones don't know that yet.

I have some fun posts I have to put together, one on a little more baking, a video and a trip down to Pretend City in Irvine, but my computer is not being very cooperative. I think it overheard Aaron wanting to replace it and got it's feelings hurt. But it's not really helping the cause because now when I complain about something I hear, "See! I told you it's time to upgrade!"