preschool safety and occupation demo

Aaron does a really neat kid-friendly demo for the kids' classes and it was Greta's preschool's turn for theirs. I couldn't make it to see the presentation but I heard from the teachers and kids that he was quite a hit. He talks to the kids about elevators and electricity and escalator safety. I heard the kids had a lot of questions about fires and airplanes. Gotta love 4 year olds. The director took these photos and shared them on the school's blog but since it's for parents' only I thought I would copy them hear for you to see. He harnessed Greta all up in gear and then hung her from the climbing structure and told her to try and get away. She was pretty thrilled to participate in his presentation. After, Aaron gave all the kids stickers and I heard that was a hit too, especially the really violent stickers. Like hands stuck in gears, and heads being crashed down on by tools. Fortunately I didn't get any calls from parents about the violent nature of these stickers.