Maternity Session- Jessica & Carl

I'm sorry I am late on posting my sister's maternity session. And then I have to post another newborn session that I'm late on as well. I was with the baby yesterday and he's already a month old! Oops. But they are coming and he's delicious. Maybe not as delicious as my Romeo, but a close second. :) I can't believe the little bean that was in this belly is now here and has our whole lives turned upside down. I love it that something so small can change everything in the blink of an eye. And trust me, all those sleepless nights will be worth it. I had a sleepover with Romeo this weekend and boy is he a bad roomie to have. Just kidding. I secretly loved the snuggles and the time in the rocking chair so mama and daddy could try and get a few extra zz's. It even made me acting and feeling like a dead person the next day totally worth it.  I have a feeling that he and I will have more of these nights together trying to stay as quiet as possible for the parents in the room next door. Just maybe it will turn into he and I staying up and telling stories and funny jokes to each other while we still think mama and daddy are sleeping next door. Oh I have plans for this boy and me. If you would like to see more pictures from my sister's maternity shoot, check out my photography blog.