i'm inlove with another man

Sorry for the little break here on the blog, but I can't bring myself to be away from him for very long. He's like a drug. All I can think about is when I can see him next and for how long. I'm exhausted too, not because I'm really doing any work but because I have pushed aside everything that has to be done around the house and cram it in the few moments I find myself home. Because really, none of that matters at the moment. What matters is holding that little bundle in my arms and snuggling him and taking him all in. Each moment I get with him.

I can't really type about the birth and seeing my sister give birth because I have cried too much this week and recounting it will be emotional for me. I wasn't emotional then, but ever since, I find myself crying every moment I am alone. It's quite powerful to see your sister become a mother. And it was strange for me to be on the other side of the experience. I now understand why she bawled for days after Gunnar's birth. It makes total sense now. I love him as I love my own children. I don't think there is anything that quite compares to having your own child other than your sister having a child. I can say that I am so proud of her and the person she has become since that one moment. It truly changes you and my heart is so swollen with pride and happiness.

They are doing fabulous and I will be back soon with her maternity photos. I can't really post photos of the baby yet til I post her maternity session! But I do have a pre written post about Sawyer's allergy appointment that I will post tomorrow. Be back next week with more baby loving goodness!