Just curious what everyone gives their kiddies for vitamins?  This last week was the first time Greta has been sick with other than a stuffy nose since school started. And with it being a new school with new kids she hasn't been exposed to ever, I think that's pretty good. Sawyer and Gunnar have had colds throughout the year but nothing like what we endured last week. Greta's fever lasted 4 days and was accompanied with a horrible cold followed by an ear infection. Sawyer just had a fever for a day and half followed by a mild cold. Gunnar so far hasn't had a thing.

Our regimen for my kids daily is(all found at Whole Foods): Chewable multi vitamins by Solaray, the kids don't love the taste but I am trying to avoid the gummy bear vitamins that have sugar in them, they take a chewable vitamin C (just a regular Whole Foods brand), chewable probiotic called FloraBear (Sawyer receives a double dose of this daily), and chewable Omega3/6/9 by Nordic Naturals for their little brains. That is what they take every single day when they are healthy.

When they are sick they take all their normal vitamins and in addition I double the Vitamin C dose and recently added the Vitamin D3 once a day. This was tricky to introduce them to this week since it's not chewable and they had to learn how to swallow it whole with a sip of water. So far so good and we have had no gagging moments. When they are sick I also push smoothies on them a lot for nutrients and hydration but avoid dairy in them, they are more slushies than smoothies since there isn't that creamy consistency. This week was filled with things like fresh grapefruit, water, ice, fruit ice which is delicious and from Whole foods (little frozen pops I drop in the blender that have delicious blends of coconut and passionfruit or mango), powder Spirulina for protein since my kids aren't the best protein eaters when they are sick, a little bit of Emergen-C, and frozen berries usually blueberries for antioxidants and a splash of apple juice. They really taste delicious and the kids down them quickly and it gives me piece of mind that they are still getting their nutrients and good stuff even if they aren't eating a whole lot.

Vitamins are expensive for sure. And I go back and forth on the whole food version vitamins versus the regular multiple ones. With three kids we go through 17 vitamins each and every day when they are healthy. So you can imagine that those little bottles don't last me very long. I guess we spend about between $40-55 each month on vitamins alone(this is including Emergen-C packs from Trader Joe's). And when we're sick I can guess those numbers are higher. Fortunately we aren't sick very often or else we'd be in the poorhouse.

What's your daily regimen for your kids? Just a multi? Chewable? Liquid? Am I missing any other goodies I could be giving them?