baby items

I decided to save you all from our illness sorrows and wallow in it another day. But let's just say, virus: 2, us: 0. No fun for my kidlets, but one is on the mend, and one, well, I have no idea, but I don't have much faith. I will also save our allergy testing experience for another day as well. Instead, I'll share some goodies, Baby Items.

Can you believe that I have spent more on a stroller recently, than I ever did with my own kids? And it's for my nephew? My current stroller I've had since Greta was born and well, it's seen better years. It was time for a new one and the one I decided to buy can fit a child up to 60 pounds, so I think Greta will be able to ride in it when she's a junior in high school.

I got the City Mini Baby Jogger in the orange color. It's delicious looking. I love it. And I already took it for a spin when we went to the Natural History Museum over winter break. Oh, yeah, that's something else I need to blog about too. The stroller, awesome. Love love love it.

Can I just tell you about the incredible things that are available now in the stroller world? Forget about a Bugaboo! Old news! There's a whole new stroller universe out there. And I learned a whole lot about it. We're talking research research research. I had to endure hours of conversations with my sister about strollers until she decided which one she would get. I think she started out wanting the Orbit system but I wasn't fond of that one and she quickly found it was either too heavy or the carseat was, I forget. But she in the end went with my first choice, the Uppababy. Isn't she purdy? And can I tell you the turning radius on this? And it's organic cotton lining!? Heaven. The bassinet comes with the system and the toddler seat for when he's a bit bigger. It's lovely, really lovely.

I'll have to share the baby's bedding another day when I take photos of the nursery, but that I had a little hand in as well. I had to first introduce my sister and brother in law to the wide world of Etsy. Once I did they were hooked. I thought it took awhile to pick out a stroller? Forget about it, the bedding was insane. We're talking HOURS at our family dinners with Aaron's iPad going through fabric options and piping and changing table covers that coordinate. In the end, it's adorable and they made a great choice. Can't wait to share what it looks like.

For things like high chairs I managed to talk my sister out of spending hundreds of dollars on those big obnoxious high chairs that take up half your dining room, are a pain to clean, and the kid ends up sitting in it for a few months. This kid I can guarantee won't like eating in a high chair after he discovers the three other children in the family get to sit like big kids at the table. So instead, she went with a cheap Ikea one that is simple and clean and small, and then she got a booster seat that straps on a chair when he's a little bigger. I had this with my kids and they all loved sitting at the table with everyone. I think my sister ended up with maybe a Kooshie(?) brand one, don't remember exactly.

I love this little teether toy that my mom picked up as soon as she found out we were adding a baby to the family. Probably one of my favorite toys of all time and I so wish they had this when my kiddies were little.

Keeping with the giraffe theme, my nephew will be soothed to sleep with this little sounds soother Giraffe thingy. Don't know a more technical term to describe it, but it plays little jungle sounds of waterfalls and babbling brooks. Can't get much cuter.

They also have fantastic nursing covers now in so many choices. When I had my kids, my choices were. . . a napkin at the restaurant or a blanket I had in my bag. Yeah, that was about it. Now they have these Bebe Au Lait covers that are fantastic and they don't suffocate the baby on a hot day and the only blanket you brought was fleece.

So that's a little round up of baby gear. Now we just need the baby. Hopefully soon as my sister is kind of getting tired of not feeling the lower half of her body. I remember those days. But to tell you the truth, she's more pregnant than I ever made it. By now I had delivered my 3 kids so I'm sure her discomfort is more than I had. I have my hospital bag all packed and ready to go. Necessities, you know like glossy mags, a book, water, Clif bar, my camera with every lens I own, backup batteries, just to name a few.

Hope you are all doing well and keep your kiddies healthy!