I have loved reading the responses about the WSJ article, and the followup article Jane posted in the comments is really interesting.

Our weekend has been eventful, but having a feverish little girl has been sad. I brought Greta home early from school Friday with her burning up and she's been up and down with a fever ever since. Her preschool has been hit hard by a virus. Last week there were some days with only 6 out of 15 kids present in class! And two teachers have been out with the same thing for a few days. Fortunately we have Monday off so she has time to recover. Poor girl, she spends most of the time on Aaron's shoulder or in our bed. Or watching movies and demanding snacks. I hope this is short lived, I hate seeing any of my kiddies not feeling well. I figure it's the middle of January and this is the first absence she's had at school so far, so she's a pretty hardy little thing compared to most of her fellow preschoolers.

My parents watched the kids Friday night so we could go to Aaron's company party. It was interesting, not my thing, but I was the supportive wife I needed to be. :)

I've been housebound with Greta pretty much the rest of the time, and then I snuck out to the flea market this morning for a few hours. It was more crowded than normal and it was 83 degrees! I'd much rather cooler temps and empty aisles so I can speed walk up and down quickly. But alas, with all the crowds I only managed to browse half of the aisles before I headed home to my ill babe.

I'm about 90% done with our taxes. I guess that's the positive thing when you have to be home more. You accomplish lots of stuff. We also managed to disassemble the boys bunk beds, wash the wall the beds were on, change the upstairs and downstairs air conditioning filters, and sketch out a gameplan for their new side by side beds. For now their mattresses will be on the floor, but they aren't complaining, it's kind of like camping. Every time Aaron pulls out the air filters I'm always shocked and horrified at what it looks like. And we change them at least 2-3 times a year. Part of me is glad that the filter traps all that garbage but part of me is horrified that there's so much to trap! It's not like we live with our windows open, and I'm a pretty clean housekeeper, but living near a major freeway I think takes it's toll on our air. Glad we have the hepa filters to keep us somewhat protected. I also ordered two more air purifiers. The boys have one in their room and I decided it was time to put one in ours and Greta's room.

Not too much else going on around here. Lots of videos, Wii, lounging on the couch, folding laundry, school projects which are finally completed, and little projects here and there getting accomplished.