wall street journal

Not sure if any of you have read this article yet, Why Chinese Mothers are Superior?, from the Wall Street Journal. If not, read it. It was so interesting and yet at the same time shocking. Next time one of my friends, or family members, or even kids call me strict or mean, I think I'll read this to them.

After reading the article, I also read a few articles that had commentary on it. All were so interesting. Highly recommend googling articles that have stemmed from this one.

I think personally it's a balancing act I have to constantly struggle with. I would really love to raise children to become successful adults, yet, I want them to be successful at things they love to do. I want to expose my children to many things, yet I never want them to give up when they think they can't accomplish something or think something is hard. I want my children to love the arts, and yet I want them to be well read and have a passion for math. It's always a difficult path that parents have. We want to do what's best for our kids, yet most of us are clueless as to what that may be. We try. No doubt we try. But no doubt this mom who wrote this article was quite convinced she was doing what was best for her children, and that is a best I would like to not imitate.

Nonetheless, it's an interesting article and I think it's worth discussing. Happy weekend everyone!