Anyone ever try to make their own yogurt? We eat a lot of yogurt, both by itself, in smoothies, lunches, for snacks, with granola. You name it, we like it. I've been toying with the idea of investing in a yogurt maker. I saw this one on Williams Sonoma. I try to keep the kitchen appliances down to a minimum because storing them or having them out kind of bugs me. So far we have toaster, Kitchen Aid, Espresso machine, and blender, out on our counters. We have a rice cooker (which has yet to be used, shameful, i know) and an ice cream/topping machine stored in cabinets up above. Stored down below we have a food processor, hand blender, crock pot, and panini/waffle press. So you see my dilemma in adding yet another appliance? In fact, I have talked myself out of a bread machine for the last 2 years for the very reason of having too much stuff. If you know me you know I hate all 'stuff". Too much 'stuff' gives me a headache, anxiety and just plain makes me cranky. Thus, my good relationship with the Goodwill donation workers. But if this is simple to use and the yogurt comes out good I can see us getting a good amount of use out of it.

Maybe a good thing to put on my anniversary list? Those popsicle makers are still haunting me from Williams Sonoma too!