our trip to pretend city, irvine, ca

We took a day trip to meet Jane and Alissa at Pretend City in Irvine. This was I believe the ONLY day it didn't pour the first week of the kids' winter break. This place is A-MAZING! Absolutely worth the 45 minute drive. My kids had a ball. Even Gunnar, who I wasn't sure would be young enough for this place, loved it. I highly recommend it for the 2-9 year old range. It's a children's museum that is all interactive. When you get there each kid is given a little employee card and they get their card stamped at all the different locations. Post office, farm, construction site, hospital, etc. Beware, plethora of photos below. I didn't get a photo of the ATM, but my kids were kind of obsessed with it, you stick your timecard in and then it gives you money. They thought it was the greatest thing in the world. They took all their money home and have it hiding in little baggies all over their room.

It's a warehouse that was converted into this space.

They have an art studio with a different craft project each day. This day they were making cotton ball polar bears with snow falling.

Sawyer checking out one of his sibling's groceries.

The girls at the hospital getting their broken feet cast and learning to walk on crutches.

They have a little stage area with costumes and lights and controls. Here my boys are apparently trying out for a circus where two people become one when they don a karate robe?

I believe Gunnar was either learning how to install plumbing, or working on an irrigation system for the farm area.

Sawyer harvesting the orange orchard.

For an extra dollar per kid you can go into the Curious George area with little activities based on a bunch of his books. Since Greta is obsessed with Curious George this was a must. You can see poor Sawyer's lips in the photo. This was probably the peak of his problem. You should see him now, he is a different child! So happy he's healing so well!

Sawyer testing out if his windmill works in front of the fan.

I think the girls were catching their fish here, in the marina/fishery where they could then bring it to the restaurant to fix up and eat.