Del Mar Part IV Kids

Okay, maybe I did take a lot of photos. It didn't feel like I did until I started blogging them. Oh well, I'm going to hold onto these photos and remember summer just a little longer. All 3 weeks of actual summer heat we got here feels like it's over. It was chilly today and chilly yesterday. My kids might actually get to wear their fall clothes on the first day of school Monday!

From the time Gunnar was an infant I'd get stopped everywhere by people who commented on my son's eyebrows and lip color, that and to say that he is the most beautiful baby they've ever seen. Agreed. He was stunning and it isn't fair to any other baby in the world that he was so beautiful.  And still to this day sometimes it looks like he's wearing lipstick. Red lips and perfect brows. The brows are definitely from my side. :-) Such a beautiful bunch of kiddies we have. Beautiful kids+ beautiful location = some pretty awesome shots.

Can you believe how tan this boy can get?

As I was going through our summer photos, I noticed an interesting pattern. Nice photo immediately followed by a very silly one. . .