Del Mar Part III- Beach

The hotel has a service that we didn't take advantage of last year, but this year, we made sure we did. The hotel is about 5 miles from the beach, so they have a shuttle service that drops you off and sets you up with umbrellas, beach chairs, towels, water, sand toys, and then you tell them what time to pick you up. It was awesome. And the great things about the beach there is it's only about a 1 minute walk from the street to the water. No traipsing through sand for 20 minutes dragging your stuff and children behind you.

This next picture, I die. Gunnar is busy building some mountain or hole in the sand. Serious business. Next thing I know, I look up from my book and see this gaggle of teenage girls that are surrounding him. They then proceed to help him and play with him. . . for like an hour! Aaron and I are dying watching this transpire. Then all the girls pose around the sand castle with Gunnar and take pictures with their phones. He didn't think a thing of it.