Fall Decor

Every season I find myself changing little things here and there in the house. Just little reminders that we are in a particular season because living in Southern California comes with some blending of seasons. Basically we have flip flop or no flip flop weather. Short sleeve or long sleeve weather. That's pretty much the extent.

Last week I received in the mail a lovely little coupon to a store I haven't been to in ages, World Market. And what better way to fall into their marketing schemes than to cut out that coupon and head on over. Which is exactly what I did. I've been super thrifty the last couple months and haven't spent much of anything on clothes or shoes, well, except for the Nordstrom sale in July. But other than that, I've been thrifty, I have! The coupon was $20 off when you purchase $50. Pretty sweet.

I filled my cart with lovely new couch pillows, fall themed coasters, a new kitchen counter compost container (since Aaron shattered the last one), and a bag of delicious egg noodles. Grand total? $51, before the coupon. I couldn't find the coasters online, but they're adorable. They are felt leaves in autumn colors. One of the pillows I found online, but the other not. So here's some lovely photos from World Market.

One of the pillows that now is residing in our living room.

And if I had four more coupons to spend, this is what I would splurge on.