Reading Time

Can you believe I went 3 hours yesterday believing it was Wednesday. Oops. Looks like Wordless Wednesday was a day early. Sorry bout that.

I have been so physically tired the last few days. It's a good physically tired, much better than emotionally or mentally tired. But it's better when you're feeling no longer tired. As in well rested. This weekend we took on a bigger house project than I thought it would be. Our built in desk in the kitchen has become increasingly annoying to look at for me. All I see when I walk through the kitchen are all the chips and dings and paint worn off from the last 5 years and a puppy who thought it would be a good idea to chew the paint off the desk baseboard. So, five years later, finally, we did something about it. This summer we plopped down a chunk of change to get our backyard relandscaped, so hiring professionals for the desk wasn't going to happen. But after a few days of talking, Aaron and I figured it couldn't look any worse than it already does, so let's try our hand at it. I have sanded and repainted a few furniture pieces and I've painted the kids' art closet and everything is still holding up nicely, so we went for it. Fortunately, Aaron took on most of the sanding this time and I focused on the taping and painting.

What I thought would be an afternoon, turned into 2 days. With a desk it's hard to pick a spot to stop so it went from repainting the drawers, to the drawers and edges, to the drawers and edges and front face, to the drawers and edges and front face to the whole thing. But I must say, it looks great. I have only 4 drawer faces left. You can really tell the difference between the newly painted and the dingy 5 years old paint. Very fresh and clean looking and now I'm much happier as I pass through the kitchen. And I also must say it was a great reason to clean out every drawer and organize them. So there you have the physically tired part. Then I'm also mentally tired I think. I've been a bit overwhelmed between getting all the kids' classes organized and prepping for Thursday nights back to school night. My first workday at Greta's new preschool was Friday, and it was work. Laundry, and dishes, and cleaning out paint buckets, and cutting up snack. But it was great to be at her school and watch her with her friends. I think most of my work for the boys' classes is done. The last of the roster and volunteer sheets went to the teacher today so other than hopefully minor changes, I'm done for a bit. Also, Gunnar's teacher isn't super friendly. So I'm having a hard time deciding between killing her with kindness to break through this ridiculous wall, or just ignore it and leave it be. Not to mention the 108 degrees we had here on Monday. 108 degrees. In the westside of Los Angeles! Unheard of. Unenjoyable. Unwelcome. So glad it's gone. Also, not to mention I've been working a whole lot, which is great. But to be so busy with the kids' school and homework, and house,  and then once dinner is served I go to work. I really shouldn't complain, I work only 2-3 nights a week, but I felt spread a bit thin this week and last. But there's light at the end of my tunnel. So there's my rambling on about why I thought Tuesday was Wednesday. I have good reasons.

Now onto the whole purpose of this post! Books! Reading!

I just finished 2 great books. First, I finally got at my library a copy of The Help. Fantastic. Such a good book, I know it's on everyone's book club lists right now, but since (sigh) I am not in a book club I had to go get it and see what the hype was about. I thought it would take months because the librarian told me I was 736 on the list! But since there are hundreds of copies in the libraries it was only a 3 week wait.

Secondly, I just finished Mockingjay, the final book in the Hunger Games trilogy. Run, don't walk. I'm a bit obsessed with trying to figure out who they will cast for the movie. Hoping they don't go the Dakota Fanning's sisters' way, but someone a tad older, who is actually closer to 17 and not 14 and not 21. These books are quick reads, and when I say quick I mean it takes me 1-2 days per book. It's because I can't put them down. Greta had a cold the weekend I read it so I was home all day Sunday with her and I started and finished this book on the same day. And I didn't even start it until around 1 in the afternoon. But Aaron working til midnight that same weekend gave me ample read time.

Gunnar loves this book right now, each day he comes home with new facts about The Beatles. It cracks me up. It's a great easy read for kids. He started reading the series last year for one of his book reports and then he gave me a list of everyone he wanted to read about. So far he's read about Louis Armstrong, Houdini, Albert Einstein and now The Beatles. Quite a variety. They have virtually everyone and they're great non fiction chapter books for kids. He rattled off all the names of The Beatles to me last night at dinner. Cool little kid.

Greta's preschool just sent home the scholastic book order papers, so happy they do that at her new school! And they're totally age appropriate for kids starting school, in the 3-5 age range. Now I won't have to order books off her brothers book orders that are a little old for her.

Happy Reading everyone! I have 2 books I'm waiting for from the library, so for now that means my laundry is caught up and my floors are clean.