Underwood Farms- Part I The Animals

I have heard of Underwood Farms in Moorpark for years and only this summer did I actually put it on our to do list. It's only about an hour drive from us and bonus is that I have 2 teenage cousins who live there. I coaxed them into hanging out with us for the day. My kids totally eat it up, they love my cousins. I have so many pictures from this day, I'll divide it into the animal part and the pick your own food part. This farm is different than Tanaka Farms, although I love them both. This one has a little ticket booth where you purchase tickets and bags of carrots for $1 to feed to all the animals. Then you can go and use your tickets for lots of different fun activities. Train rides, games, pony rides. The kids had a total blast. And I think we went through 5 bags of carrots not to mention the feed for all the birds and goats. We had an absolute blast and I cannot recommend it enough.

In October I hear they have a huge fall festival with hay rides and corn mazes, so if you're thinking about it I would check it out then, but beware I heard it gets busy that time of year. The day we went was a Thursday and it was overcast and we were some of the only people there. In fact, when we went out to pick our produce, we were all by ourselves. Another difference is the choices of produce here. They grow everything, and I mean everything. And they have little signs telling you on a map where each section and aisle is located on the farm. And they let you just go off on your own and pick your veggies and fruit and flowers.

Here's some of the attractions my kids' were over the moon with.

Such a good sport. This one cracks me up, he can barely fit in the little train compartment.