First Day of School

I just realized I never actually posted info about the first day of school. I was bracing myself for havoc, and chaotic it was. I don't recommend that preschools and elementary schools have the same start day. It made me a bit crazy trying to make sure everyone was okay all on the same day. But it did distract me emotionally from what was going on. Which is good. I didn't really have time to get sad and melancholy since it was a hurried blur to get every off to their class and school.

Sawyer is completely at home and comfortable. And Gunnar, well, there has yet to be a teacher to not fall in love with him the first day of school. And this year was no exception. His teacher loves him, she may be tough, but he thinks she's great. Which is all that really matters. She won't be his language arts and math teacher, but she's his homeroom teacher where he will stay for social studies, science lab, computer lab, gardening, art, etc. So far so good.

Of course some standard front porch first day of school photos.

I think I've been avoiding gushing about Greta doing so well at her new school for fear that as soon as I type it the universe will align and scheme against me and I will hear the first "I don't want to go to school" line of the school year. So far we have had no tears. No complaining. No injuries. No bullies. Just a lot of happiness. After the first week I commented to Aaron that she is happy, all the time. Of course her attitude comes through daily. But she's so happy. She runs into school, she shows me her cubby. She introduces me to the class hamster, Oakland. She shows me the Dorothy costume in the dressup area. The play kitchen in the loft. She tells me about the yummy snacks they give her like bagels and cream cheese and quesadillas and fresh fruit and english muffins. She tells me about the automatic sink and soap dispenser in the kids bathroom. She tells me about the art projects and paintings she does every day, several each day. She keeps asking me when her teachers will visit her at home, (which they do at this school!) which was actually yesterday. Both teachers came for the afternoon to play with her in her room, they enjoyed a tea party set up by Greta. Heaven for this little girl.

Finding her cubby.