Del Mar Part V

Aaron takes full advantage of vacation time to avoid shaving at all possible costs.

However, this time, he didn't have time to get a haircut before we left. So what'd he do? Brought his clippers and did it himself in our hotel bathroom. Classy I tell you, classy.

I love these next 3 of my mom and each of her grandkids. In just a few months she'll go from 3 to 4 grandbabies!

And lastly, some shots from Legoland. We love that place. If we lived only a little closer we would definitely have season passes.

I don't think Greta has a clue who Bob the Builder is. Gunnar was our big Bob watcher when he was younger, but Greta hasn't watched an episode in her life, so it cracks me up that she insisted on a picture.

See the corner of a really happy smile there? This was one happy camper once we found her her fries.

I know it's far away, but do you see these girls holding hands from separate boats? I die.