Whenever UCLA students move in or out Aaron's work schedule becomes horrendous. Fortunately it's only 4 times a year. This weekend was one of them. He works til 10pm or midnight each day, with Sunday climaxing in a 16 hour work day. Bleh. This weekend he asked 2 guys to cover the Saturday shift since months ago I had bought tickets to go see Phoenix at the Hollywood Bowl. Aaron is a much bigger fan than me but I still was excited for a date out. After seeing them live, I am on board. They were fantastic. They are from Paris, France and they even came out into the audience and sang in the middle of an aisle for all the fans. This was the first night/kickoff of their fall tour and it was quite a start to a concert tour. Grizzly Bear opened for them and they were pretty great as well.

My kids' most favorite song is by them, Lisztomania. They know all the lyrics to the entire song, it's pretty cute. They opened with that song and all I could think of is how bummed I am that Gunnar isn't just a few years older because we would've taken him for sure. Aaron and I both were talking on the walk back to our car about our first concerts and we wonder which one it'll be for our kids. It was probably good he wasn't there because this crowd was pretty. . . lit, er jolly. :)

I recorded a few clips on my phone so the next morning when they woke up they all listened to them in bed and were pretty excited to hear how the entire crowd was singing aloud to all the words. It was a nice break in a very hectic 2 weeks of work for Aaron.