What's for Dinner?

I think I am in serious need of some inspiration. So occasionally I may be posting a "What's for dinner?" post, basically I'm asking for ideas based on what you made for dinner this week. So maybe I can get some inspiration for our meals next week. Usually we are good about eating in 3-4 nights a week, and then Mondays we rotate who cooks in the family. So sometimes it's 4-5 nights if it falls on my week. Please share your meals in the comments section. Please. From one tired housewife who doesn't have a very good imagination when it comes to food. . .

This past week:

Monday-family dinner (not my night! woohoo!)

Tuesday- organic ground beef(TJs) tacos with all the fixings, and our freshly picked lettuce from the farm last week

Wednesday-barbecued thinly sliced Korean meat with fresh carrots and butternut squash

Thursday- Veggie fusilli pasta, tossed in turkey bolognese mixed in with some frozen chopped spinach (I learned this amazing trick watching Jane make dinner one night, and since that night chopped spinach goes into every single marinara/meat sauce we eat) Everything from this night was from TJs.

Friday- Well  Aaron has to work until midnight so I think this may entitle us to a trip to Pitfire Pizza. Anyone care to join us we should be there around 6pm. :)

I am also inquiring since Monday night is my night to cook and if my sister had it her way we'd be eating my tacos every Monday night, and I'm afraid everyone is bored and needs a little alteration in the menu. So, what'd you eat this week? Don't be shy, sometimes mini pizzas are on our list more than once. :)