House Project- A Little Room Sprucing

Greta's room got a little sprucing up this summer. I followed a tutorial on the Purl Bee and I think it turned out pretty cute. My sewing skills are not very good, but this was pretty simple to do. I bought some invisible thread, did a lot of cutting and then the sewing was easy, just a straight line. I absolutely love the fabric garlands that I'm seeing all over the web right now and it gave her room just that something special I was hoping for.

I have some more sewing projects I've been working on, but I can't reveal anything because it's for my nephew's baby shower. And I must keep it a surprise for my sister. But I will be sharing details that are not surprises in the coming weeks. Like the color theme, invitations, food and dessert menu. I think I have been mentally planning my sister's baby shower for many years. And finally it's a reality.