Swim Lessons

I brought my camera to exactly one swim lesson the entire summer. Most days I was on my own with the 3 of them. And it's just pure chaos. Getting everyone to the bathroom before class, goggles perfectly fit on all 3, everyone to their proper corner of the pool with is exactly 3 separate sides of the pool. Anyways, a few times my mom or Aaron came along so I took advantage of the extra hands and brought my camera.

Here's Gunnar first. The teachers he had all came to Aaron and I separately trying to get us to sign him up for the swim team. They say his form is perfection. Big proud mama heart over here. Basically, for his level, the teacher just sits with a clipboard, watches them do laps, and then perfects their strokes and gives them minor adjustments. Warmups are 4 50m laps. That's just to warm up.

Here's Sawyer. His teachers really worked him this summer. For the first time they had him do laps, not the entire class, but for about half the time. It wore this boy out. He is concentrating and trying so hard to get his strokes down, it's so cute. Sometimes he'd be concentrating so hard on his kicks being correct he'd forget to use both arms for strokes.

And lastly, Greta. She loved swim lessons this summer. Never one single complaint. The first week of class had a few chilly days, but this girl never once asked to skip, whereas her brothers hemmed and hawed a bit. Here she is learning her arm strokes.