A Day at the Orchards

I know I have so much to blog about so this is completely out of order, but since the kiddies started school yesterday I have watched this a few times and it makes me smile. I miss them. Rubyellen over at My Cakies is such an inspiration and I found out through her about this new little gadget that I am a bit obsessed with. It even shoots in black and white! And it gives the video an old 8MM film feel to them that I love. I think all family films should look like that. We took it out for a spin this weekend at Riley's Farm.

Jane, don't watch it! It'll make you sad that we weren't together. So glad you're feeling better and we really missed you guys. Greta asked me why she hasn't seen Alissa in "so many forever days?" this morning. I tried to explain we were camping only 2 1/2 weeks ago, but that didn't really make a difference.

Here's a peek into our orchard adventure. Oh, and you'll see why I all of a sudden would really like to own a horse. . .