House Project- DIY Candlesticks

Before I sign off for a week I wanted to squeeze in a fun house project that you can literally do in just a few hours, with lots of time in between coats to do other stuff. I'm planning to be offline for awhile, I will still be able to answer emails from my phone, so you can still contact me, but the blog is going to hopefully be quiet for awhile. If you sent me any emails about the skin questions, I will definitely be getting back to you while I'm away and have the time to sit down and respond to them. We will be living in the pool, at the beach, soaking up some much needed family time, and throw in there a trip to Legoland.

For now here's a fun project I did a few weeks ago. I love flea markets. Love. Love. Love. Many pieces in my home were found at flea markets and I absolutely love those pieces the most. In July I had only 2 hours to hit up the Long Beach Flea Market and I had a mission. I wanted some old, brass candle sticks in varied heights and textures.

These were what I found. For a grand total of $11.

Then I picked up at the hardware store some spray paint. I wanted a glossy finish so I picked up a primer, a colored spray paint in a robin's egg color, and a final clear coat for the gloss. If they have the color you want in a gloss finish, then you won't need the clear coat on top of it. Grand total for the spray paint $8.

Lay out a good amount of paper or a sheet, spray paint has a lot of overspray. And you'll need more than the area you see in my photos. I had to add a lot more once I started painting. Be sure to wash the candlesticks with soap and water first, thoroughly dry, and then start spraying the primer.

Wait until it dries. I did it on a very hot day so it only took about 20 minutes. Then start spraying your color paint. I'd recommend a distance of about 6-10 inches and constantly move the can around while spraying.

I would recommend 2 coats of the color spray paint. Let dry for about an hour, or until dry to the touch. Finish with a final coat of clear gloss if your color paint was matte finish.

Then voila. Put them in your home to admire. Grand total for this project $19.