speechless, well not really...

another post in the same day! woohoo!

I have no choice here. Okay, I do. But I don't. I must rave about this. I finally sat down with Aaron to watch Food, Inc. this evening. I'm so happy I did. He was a little leery of it because we already are very conscious of everything we purchase and everywhere we eat, and I think he was expecting me to go buy live chickens and only shop at farmers' markets when we finished watching the film. But he thanked me after the documentary. It's that good. I have to say, if you have not watched it, why? If you're scared or defensive about your lifestyle, then there is no better reason to watch it. Just purely to not be ignorant should be a cause to watch this movie. It is so well done. And it isn't a horrific look inside slaughterhouses like I was worried it would be. Rather it was a look at the systemic problem that has befallen this country in the last decade. The change in how we view food, raise food, and eat food compared to just 20 or 30 years ago. And if you look around, you can see in almost every household the consequences of that problem. Obesity, diabetes. Powerful movie.

One of the best lines in that movie was, would you buy the cheapest car? And yet people have this idea that cheaper food is better. If you can get it for cheaper why wouldn't you buy it? Well, apparently cheaper is not better, but is fatal. Would you go to the cheapest doctor? So why in the world would you think that a $1 meal would be okay to not just eat yourself, but give to your child. Seriously, this should be a requirement for all parents to watch. It's that good, that enlightening.

And good thing for Aaron, I'm not on a huge rampage to change our life. I honestly think that other than a few minor alterations, we're doing a good job. But it definitely gave me the pat on the back that I love my kids, and I show I love my kids by wanting them to be the healthiest people possible. No cost is too great when it comes to their health and their life.

Please rent this movie. You will not regret it.