Lyla Gray

This little girl has some seriously delicious cheeks in case you don't notice in the next photographs. A few weekends ago I got to photograph her for her sweet mama's fantastic idea. Lyla is this mama's 3rd child and with the 2 older ones, before their 1st birthday she has a series of black and white photographs taken of each child and all their yummy parts. Feet, cheeks, smiles, cries. And then she puts a square 9 photo montage in a frame and each child has their own 9 picture display. So Ms. Lyla's was needed to be done before her birthday happens next month. One thing I learned about Ms. Lyla, she really doesn't like her picture taken. So the "cry" face was a piece of cake to capture, the rest took a little bit more work. But we made it. Here's just a snippet.