Del Mar- In the Pool (Part I)

My goal is to get all of my favorite Del Mar moments and photos up within a timely fashion. So I will try and have them all posted within the week. Tall order, but I must set a goal or it will be October and I will be publishing summer vacation photos and that won't do very much for my morale.

You must stay at this hotel by the way. Incredible. You can see last year's visit here, here, here, here, AND here. Wow, I took a lot of pictures last year. The kids look so little! And Gunnar was missing his two front teeth! AHHH! I love it. I can guarantee you I didn't take that many photos this time around. I was more in the moment and just enjoying my kids and relaxing. So not to fear, there won't be that many blog posts this time around about our trip.

I think because the kids are getting older our vacations are becoming more enjoyable for Aaron and I. We don't have to be in the pool at all times, we can read, we sleep better because the kids sleep better. All around we are finally able to relax during a relaxing vacation.

As you can see in the following photos my family kind of takes over the pool. And fortunately for us, there are several pools at The Grand Del Mar. Whether it's my sister exercises with her kickboard, the boys diving for rings or lounging in their inner tubes, Greta practicing her strokes, you usually find a good majority of us in the pool at any time during the day. And if we aren't in the pool than the kids would make friends with anyone who IS in the pool. They quickly became close with a pair of boys from Britain and a girl from Boston. I really loved seeing them and the games they would come up with and the conversations they had. Sawyer came up to me and asked what language William (British boy) was speaking. He asked, "is it spanish mama?" I told him, well do you understand what he says? He said, "yes, but it sounds a little strange". I told him he wasn't speaking another language but that he had an accent. First time he'd ever taken note of what an accent sounds like from another country.

Here's what it looks like when we are IN the pool.

This next one makes me laugh out loud, she's chillin' and you see her little red painted toes.

Oh, and there's only TWO photos the entire trip where I am not wearing a big sun hat. See, I practice what I preach!