things that were accomplished today, technically yesterday since it's past midnight:




-laundry- about 2/3 done

-clean sheets on 2 out of 3 kids' beds

-took 4 very happy kids to yogurtland for an after camp treat

-started making the little bean some new onesies

-went to the garden store and realized little worms were eating my tomato plant leaves, picked up an organic spray to remedy situation

-bought 300 live worms for our compost bin

-watered all my potted plants and veggies

-watched the bachelorette, how cute are they together!? who wouldn't have picked roberto, come on!

that's it, i'm tired. hope your monday was productive. have a good tuesday. i don't have too much planned except that 1/3 of leftover laundry and my pilates session.