Smoothie Delight

We are definitely a smoothie making family. We have them most often in summer, usually as an after swim snack. The kids are completely ravenous when we come back from lessons and this fills them up until dinnertime. I usually throw it together with whatever fresh/frozen fruit we have on hand and this day the recipe was:

Fresh watermelon

Frozen mango

Strawberry yogurt


Protein Powder- this is always a must since the kids drink anything in smoothie form and it makes the smoothie extra nutritious

I occasionally throw in some flax seed oil as well, and you can substitute juice for the milk. And if the fruit is all fresh, then add some ice cubes. To make it a bit on the sweeter side you can add a few dollops of fruit sorbet. You can also take out all the dairy and make more of a slushie instead of a smoothie.

This smoothie was consumed in under one minute flat.