4 week countdown

We officially have less than 4 weeks left of summer to go. Actually it's closer to 3 I think! And for being the longest summer of our lives, it's flown by pretty quickly. But we still have so much yet to do. The kids have started another 2 week session of swimming. I love it, they love it, and it reminds me of my summers growing up. Sorry babe, I know it's a sore subject. You see Aaron shared with me his first memory of swim lessons, prepare yourself for his classic sob story. . .

He was 5 years old and a bus came to pick him up. A bus full of strangers. They whisked him off to a pool, full of strangers. He cried and hated it. He wanted his mom and dad and refused to listen to the teacher.  And then, he was given a big certificate saying he flunked. I know! How sad can you get! A fail certificate?! So he never learned how to really swim and it's a little bit of a tender subject for him in adulthood. But because of that he's determined that his kids receive no fail certificates in swimming (I don't think they give those out anymore).

I can say he absolutely loves to come to the kids' swim lessons when he can, and he just watches and is so proud of these kids. He tells me how great it is that our kiddies have 2 parents that care so much about them and cheer them on. And it's true. We are so proud. And we sit on the bleachers and take turns giving thumbs up to all of them whenever they look over. And when class is over they all come running over asking us if we saw this, or that, and did you see me do this?!

I always go through a bit of a doubting phase near the end of summer. Did my kids eat enough popsicles, did they ride their bikes enough, did they lounge in their pajamas enough, did we visit enough museums? Will they look back on this summer and think it was great? Who knows, but I hope it's true. I hope I am giving my kids the childhood that they look back on and remember fondly. But, who knows, they could all end up in therapy and think I ruined their lives. Possibility.

I feel like I'm a bit nuts to try to accomplish the list I have for the last few weeks of summer. But we're going to try and do as much as we can to squeeze every last drop out of this season. Some fun stuff we have up our sleeves for the coming weeks, a trip to the Science Center and Imax to see the new space movie, a trip a little north of us to a new farm for some veggie picking, apple picking at Riley Farms, a kids' water party, a few beach day trips, another visit down to Jane's with all the kiddies, some movies, a few more house projects, a trip to the La Brea Tar Pits, a few more library trips, some gardening which is going fantastic by the way(except for my tomatoes :( I guess they really missed me while we were on vacation, they didn't make it), camping, USC football season beginning, and throw in there some photo shoots and more work for me. Wow, I'm tired just looking at this list and knowing what the next 4 weeks will hold. Busy. But so good. Summer, we're going to finish you with a bang.