Greta and I feel ill with a cold this last week. FInally she's much better and I'm at about 85%. And of course when we have a jam packed weekend we had to look forward to. Friday night we saw Despicable Me. Fantastic. Really really good. Definitely will be on our list to buy when it gets released. Saturday Aaron took the kids to an annual pool party and they had a ball. They swam for hours and hours and came home with goodie bags and stuffed animals. I was able to clean and rest while they were gone.

Sunday we had some friends over for our annual carne asada dinner. Aaron was glued to the barbeque for about 2 hours. And it was delish. We dined outside and the weather was perfect. Not too hot, just perfect for lounging and talking. The kids played outside or in the garage and enjoyed the almost new air hockey table we were gifted earlier this weekend. A friend of a friend was giving it away and so we got a call and Aaron rushed over because the man loves him some air hockey. I'll be schooling him later this week. I feel like today is my recovery day. The kids have camp and then later this evening I will be working. But in the meantime my day will be consisting of a Coffee Bean run, laundry, and a trip to the gardening store. I must find out how to discourage some critter from nibbling at my tomato leaves.