Girls Trip

Greta was extremely excited to learn that Jane and I had planned a little girls' trip this summer. It was so refreshing to spend some one on one time with Greta for more than just an hour or two. We headed down to Laguna and stopped at South Coast Plaza where we did some shopping and lunch. Greta rode the carousel there and did a little craft project, picked out a present at the Disney Store, and then an outfit at Gap. Girl heaven, right?

Then to learn she was seeing her bestie and having a sleepover? Double heaven. The girls were beyond any describable words. Seriously, there isn't a word to express the cuteness of them together. Or the repetitive chanting of "girls' day girls' day" over and over again.

We swam, we played, we shopped, we dressed up, we got stopped by countless people who had to comment on the real life Benetton ad that the 4 of us must've resembled along with the girls' doll strollers and dollies. We all got manicures and pedicures (Greta's first), ate delicious food and then sadly had to say goodbye with a promise we will do it again soon.

Now, a peek into our trip.