Santa Monica Pier

I really tried to post these before we left for vacation, but alas, packing and laundry kept me from it.

I had meant to bring Sawyer down to the pier before his 6th birthday to do a little photo shoot with him, but everything got in the way. July was our craziest month and it didn't pan out. So the week after his birthday I rounded up the troops and decided to make it a kid shoot with all 3 of them. I pulled Sawyer aside so I have a few of just the new 6 year old. With the promise of some fun time in the arcade after the shoot they were all pretty cooperative. It was funny to photograph my kids like I would normally photograph other families. Normally our pictures are candid and around the house and they tell me to put it away after I snap a few. But this time they were all pretty good, bribery, sometimes it works.

seriously. what am i going to do with gunnar in a few years????

Greta is wearing the outfit she picked out during our girls trip in Orange County(which I know I haven't even blogged about!). She's pretty happy with herself. And the tippy toes? I die.

of course we had to get a little silly.

sunflare + hugs= i heart