I just found the wordpress app for the iPad. Wowza. So cool. I couldn't figure out how to post a photo earlier, this app is pretty awesome, told you I'm a total iPad convert.

Despite the new exciting app I am pretty sad to be heading home tomorrow. Normally by the end of a vacation this long I am ready to head back home and into routine. Not so much this time. It may have to do with the kids' age this time. There's no nighttime wakings or early morning searching for sippy cups and milk. No washing of sippy cups! And the kids can sleep. Sometimes one will rise at 7 but usually they're out till 8. And let me tell you, my husband is the bomb. The first morning we were here he knew I wasn't feeling that great and when I woke up I rolled over and noticed he wasn't in bed, I checked the clock and it was 9:30!! And a few other mornings, (okay all but 2) he takes the kids to breakfast and I sleep until 9 or later. Heaven. Then he brings me back a latte and we get ready for the pool.

Also our time by the pool is less hectic, the boys are completely fine alone in the pool with an occasional check on them and Greta has become a fish. I will share video later but she now can swim, come up for air and keep going. I love that all of them make friends with any nearby children, playing Marco polo, monkey in the middle, diving for rings or competing with their handstands underwater. They make friends and then look for each other at breakfast or by the pool, so cute. And we don't have any naps to schedule. My kids have been playing so hard they are zombies at the dinner table. And their little tanned selves, delicious.

Again, this hotel exceeds all expectations. See. I'm sad. I could stay another week, but I have a ridiculously busy work week ahead of me and have to figure out how to keep the kids busy before their daily swim lessons. It's kid of funny that they even have swim lessons but it's so good for Greta especially, and since they're on a roll I figure it'll be a piece of cake.

A few iphone pics I hope will load okay...