We have a swimmer

Greta took swim lessons along with the boys for the last 2 weeks and her improvement has been huge this year. For Sawyer turning 4 was momentous as well in the swim department and she's following in his footsteps. She hasn't quite learned how to take a breath and continue swimming but she's swimming underwater. I taped a few brief clips of her swimming this past Monday at my parents' house. They are only about 10-20 seconds a piece. And you can see how confident she got throughout the afternoon. By the end she wasn't needing anyone to push her off from the ledge.

I've said in the past how important swimming is for our family and pretty much that's what our family vacations center around, so my kids will continue to take swim lessons for many years. Even though Gunnar is at the top of the classes offered he will continue there and build his skills in diving and holding his breath while his lungs grow and expand. And he doesn't complain, there will be plenty of years for him to perfect his speed and skill. One of my favorite parts of summer is watching my kids turn into fish.

[vimeo 13118308]

This one cracks me up with her describing what she's accomplished.

[vimeo 13118295]

[vimeo 13118263]