hold onto your chairs or you'll fall over from cute overload

Last month Sawyer graduated Kindergarten and I could barely contain my smiles and giggles. He was something else. He's getting quite theatrical in his old age. And I cannot tell you how many people came up to me afterwards wanting to meet "the mama of the bowtie boy". He was the talk of the auditorium. A very packed, overflowing auditorium. Kindergarten graduation is no joke. Moms and dads, aunties and uncles, were literally sitting all over the floor and aisles. But who wouldn't to catch a glimpse of their sweetie singing songs and dancing? Hold on ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourself for the most adorable five year old.

Can I please point out the Shrek watch he insisted on wearing? I died.

Do you think his kindergarten teacher has enough love from the boys? :)