Art Show

I was the art docent for Sawyer's Kindergarten class. I did the same for Gunnar when he was in kindergarten as well. And I hope to have the same position once Greta begins her kinder year. There is no better year for art than Kindergarten. I taught Gunnar's first grade as well, but kinder remains my favorite. They just love to be messy, and they still are figuring out how to transpose what they envision in their mind to paper.

Each year at the boys' school there is an art show, with a school wide theme and then a kickoff get together where you can then tour the halls and view the artwork. This year the theme was related to your class' country assignment for the multicultural show. So for Sawyer's class we had to study a Mexican artist and their style and then create our own masterpiece. I then had to do a little write up lesson to be posted on the wall with the kids' artwork. I chose Diego Rivera and his interpretation of Cubism. It was perfect for the kids' age and they loved it. I absolutely adore how their class art looked up on the wall. So vivid and full of color and the kids' nailed it.

Sawyer is standing just below his art piece. It is currently at Scribble Press on Montana waiting to be scanned into his kindergarten art book. I have been doing a book for each year for each kid starting in preschool. It's not cheap, but they scan all the artwork even the huge finger painting pieces the kids come home with. I chose 1-2 pieces each month. Then they make a heavy cardstock, cardboard like book that is very durable. The kids love to sit and flip through the books, seeing their artwork and it's progression through the years. This was the first year we are having 3 books made and I think I'm going to have to cut it off maybe in 3rd grade. They went up in price and unless one of the kids decides to be an artist, I don't think we can do 3 books a year for much longer. I dropped Greta's artwork off last weekend and numbered it specifically to show her progression through the last year. At the beginning she just drew a happy face, and by the end the little drawing had hair and earrings, fingernails, and a belly button. I absolutely loved seeing her illustrations progress this year.

Don't you just love them all!? I think our class did a great job interpreting Cubism. For our medium we used oil pastels, which provide such bright, vivid colors.

Gunnar's class was studying Greece, so his art docent, another parent, had the kids draw their own urn and then illustrate with a drawing on the urn what their life or interests are. I forgot what artist they studied. It's hard to see in the photo, but Gunnar's urn has a boy playing basketball on it. Figures.