Hoping all of you are having a nice long weekend. We are enjoying it for sure. Still recovering from yesterday's garage sale morning, lemonade stand afternoon, and dinner party evening. At least I wasn't hosting the dinner party. Is there such a thing as a lobster hangover? If so, I think I had one. The food and company was amazing, and to come home to sleeping babies, made it even better. I'm still trying to decipher how many secrets and inappropriate information I let out during the course of the 4 hour meal. . .

Today was the first day in a long time where nothing was scheduled. No where to be, nothing to do. So of course we did a lot. It always happens that way. But a day at home for me can't be spent lounging. Not when there's laundry to do, dishes to wash. But I definitely don't mind doing those things if at the same time I'm not trying to work or hurry to get out the door. And Aaron was a busy bee himself today. With the garage sale Saturday he has a whole section of the garage to utilize again, so it's nice and organized. And he wired our outdoor lights too.

I am definitely going to make the garage sale an annual thing. I accumulate way too much stuff. It's a great way to purge and then whatever doesn't sell I take straight over to Goodwill and come home with an empty car. I was a very nice wife this weekend and when I walked in the door I handed Aaron all the garage sale earnings to put in his iPad fund. He's almost there. We are trying hard to save up for things that we don't need and are on the expensive side. Of course we would already buy it if he wanted the smaller one, but he'd like the larger one, so we'll need a few more weeks. But I love that he will get to walk in the Apple Store and actually pay for it all with giftcards and cash. We never do that!

The lemonade and cookie stand was a huge success! The kids had a blast. And although the signs around the neighborhood read 2-4pm, they were out there at 12:30! They couldn't wait to start. And Aaron was quite fancy this time and used some of my fabric for a canopy and tablecloth. Can't wait to load my photos. Thank you everyone who made it over here. There was a steady and constant stream of people at it. Usually 5-8 people at a time and just as they were getting in their cards the next wave would come. To see how excited they were with the whole process reminded me that it's worth all the work. It's worth staying up the night before to finish the cookies, even if I had to get up at 6am for the garage sale the next day. They made $50 and are going to save half and spend half. We are planning a trip to Target, if Target is open tomorrow. When is Target closed though? And they are planning to pick out their new Wii game. Surprisingly they agreed on the game they want to buy. Greta doesn't know this yet. But the whole money thing she doesn't get quite yet. She was telling people each cup of lemonade was $75. On the other hand, maybe she does get it. . . I'm sure when we actually are in the store she will realize what her brother's have schemed and pick out something of her own.

Tomorrow I have to work a bit, Aaron is on call too but hopefully he won't be busy. Then it's barbeque and swimming at my parents. AND THE MOST EXCITING NEWS OF ALL?!!! CAMP STARTS ON TUESDAY! Seriously, going to lose my mind. I haven't had the kids home this much is a loooonnnngggg time. They are going to kill each other before I even get the chance to do it. Greta has been off school for almost a month, and the boys are 2 weeks now. She will only be at camp for 3 days this week, and somehow I guess I miscalculated and didn't sign her up for camp the following week. So she'll only have 3 days of school in about 5 weeks of time. Poor thing. Stuck with mama. But the boys are beyond thrilled. In fact last week was the Meet the Counselors day where it's games and ice cream at the park with their new counselors. The boys realized that camp actually started LAST week and were beside themselves that I didn't sign them up for it. But I don't need to tell you how expensive our summers can be for 3 kids who take swim lessons, guitar, and go to sports and golf camp. It's a lot. Trust me. But on days like this past week, I am reminded that it is worth every penny. :)