kind of obsessed

My stomach dropped this morning as I made a right hand turn on National Blvd. I turned on a yellow without stopping because it was yellow and the lights flashed and now I am second guessing myself and think I am going to get a $446 ticket, a point on my record and a raise in insurance premium. But I swear I started it when it was yellow and it turned red mid way through. Aaron said that he's been flashed a few times before on that intersection but they go through the tickets before they mail them to make sure the photo shows it red when you start the turn. We'll see. I'm kind of sick about it. I could go to traffic school to prevent the point, but Aaron said I shouldn't stress unless I get it in the mail, and from what I've read it'll take up to 2 1/2 weeks. Until then I will be a stressball.

So to distract myself I am going to share with you my most favorite pair of pants at the moment. I am a bit obsessed with these. The most comfortable thing in the world and so great with anything I pair it with that I had to immediate order a second pair after the first time wearing these. All I could think of is what will happen when I stain and ruin them from the constant wearing! Thus, the second back up pair.