lemonade stand

FINALLY, I can get almost caught up with blog posts. I think I have just one more post to share from June of Greta's little recital photo shoot she insisted on. I also have a photo shoot to share that I did last weekend of an adorable 11 month old and then some fun photos of the kids from our Santa Monica Pier/Arcade adventure this past Tuesday. Hopefully I can share all of those this week and then I haven't taken my camera out of my bag for days so there's no photos waiting to be edited. So then I'm not behind! Oh wait..., I just thought of a few house projects waiting to be loaded from my SD card. One is an easy how to that I want to share with you, and one is a work in progress, so no rush. And they can wait. . .

Oh how my kids love a lemonade stand. We happen to do a combo lemonade and cookie stand, because who wants just lemonade when you can have cookies too? It's really the whole experience they look forward to. The list making, the grocery shopping, the sign making. It's a whole week long event. And this year like last year our friends, neighbors, and family were very supportive. I had a garage sale the morning of the lemonade stand and I left a little list with Aaron to make sure the finishing touches were done before we put the signs up for the stand. One of the things on the list was to put together the actual stand. My aunt and uncle passed down to my kids the best invention of all time. It's these pipes with connectors and a manual of how to build basically anything. And lemonade stand is in the manual. This year however Aaron got all fancy on me and used some fabric from my stash as a canopy and tablecloth. The result was super cute.