come on by!

The kids are having their annual Lemonade & Cookie Stand tomorrow on our front lawn between 2-4pm. You can see how last year's lemonade stand turned out here. Honestly it has nothing to do with money for my kids, but the whole process. I am still in the hole after we're done with the stand but it's the experience that the kids love so much. And we've been prepping all week. We spent one morning painting our signs. I was shocked to learn that my hoarding tendency husband threw out our signs from last year! It's ok, we just made new ones. Then we spent a different morning making lists and buying all the supplies. I was reminded why I don't take all 3 of them with me grocery shopping, especially to "normal" grocery stores where things like Doritos and Kool-Aid are sold. Greta picked up a Kool-Aid powder mix and was quite intrigued. No offense any of you Dorito eating Kool Aid drinking blog readers! But we don't do that in our house, if I did I would be the one eating and drinking it all day long. Last but not least we spend this evening baking all the cookies.

We are ready to go, so please come on by! Most of you know where we live, and if you don't, text me, and if you don't know my cell number, email me. And if you don't have that, well then you can't come by.

Hope to see you tomorrow!