I'm a closet documentary watcher. There. I said it. Do what you must with this information but just don't judge me. They're amazing. I love them. In fact, if I was alone I would choose a documentary over any other genre pretty much every time. For awhile I secretly daydreamed about organizing a documentary club. Then I realized how geeky that sounds. But think about it, once a month getting together and watching a documentary. Snacks, drinks, documentary films. Heavenly.

A few I've watched recently that I have really enjoyed:

State of Mind- I believe from 2003. Filmmakers went to North Korea and followed 2 families whose daughters were training for the country's Mass Games. Very eye opening. I really had no idea how much America was hated by this nation until I watched this film.

Spellbound- Awesome. Follows 8(9?) kids all gearing up for the National Spelling Bee. I know it doesn't sound like it can be that interesting, but it really is. The kids are from all over America and every different background.

Jesus Camp- Wow. Another eye opening one. I never knew that 75% of homeschoolers are Evangelical Christians. And 25% of Americans are Evangelical Christians too. Serious stuff.

Some documentaries I am looking forward to watching:

I must be the last person on earth to not have seen Food, Inc. yet. It's sitting on my dvd player waiting for me to watch. I think I have avoided watching it because I know that the rest of me is going to have to get my mind around complete change. We are about 70-85% organic in this household, and I know once we watch that film, it's not going to be enough. But I'd be ignorant if I don't learn about the reasons why these choices must be made for me and my kids. I just really am procrastinating, horrible reason. I'm aware eating out is going to be a whole lot less enjoyable after I watch it as well.

Food Matters- discusses obesity and healthy eating choices, along with how safe our food is.

American Teen- follows obviously teenagers through relationships, friendships, drama, struggles, etc.

Children Underground- discusses Romanian law to forbid contraceptives and encourage impoverished people to have more kids.

Art & Copy- about advertising and the ones behind the slogans everyone knows.

I can go on and on. The list is endless. And one of the reasons I have access to so many great films is our Netflix Instant Queue. Do you have one? Why not? It's free. Free. We are netflix members with the lowest level, I think we pay $9 a month. We get one dvd at a time, which is okay. But the instant queue is AMAZING. They gave us a disc we insert into our Wii and then we stream live and choose from a bazillion movies. For FREE. Every movie on there is FREE. Do you understand yet? Movie night with the kids? FREE. There's dozens and dozens of films in every genre constantly changing all the time. Get it. Now.

Enough of my secret telling for one day. I feel vulnerable now.