It's been awhile since I've explored some corners of my home and shared them on my blog. First, this table has a delicious story. Delicious meaning free.

I have been searching high and low for a table just like this. Flea markets, craigslist, Etsy, Ebay. Nada. Some have been close, but not exactly what I had in my mind. That's the hard part I have shared in the past. I have a picture in my mind, and it doesn't always exist in real life. And being that I am not a furniture maker, nor have the tools to be one, I must search. And search. Alas, I found it on ebay. I won the auction and this gorgeous vintage antique table was mine. So $166 later after the auction and shipping I received a box in the mail. Right from the start I was bummed, because 2 of the legs were peeking through the box. I was leery opening it since I expected more damage inside. And yep, there it was. The top part of the table had detached from the main part. I didn't even completely take it out of the box, but left it there and just snapped some photos of the damage and emailed them to the seller. I was beyond bummed. I could care less about anything but MY TABLE WAS BROKEN! They were super sorry and apparently the UPS store boxed it up for them and must've done a poor job. My sad table sat in the box in my living room for over 3 weeks. I then received the refund for the $166 and a note that he didn't have another table like this one. He also mentioned to just keep the table and see if I could salvage it. I didn't have much hope for it but dum da da dum, handy man Aaron took it upon himself to fix it up and it is like new. You cannot even tell where the damage was! And it was free! So she sits beside my bed as my new end table, and I love her.

I've seen tutorials everywhere for years of these hanging pom poms, and Jane made some years ago for one of Alissa's parties. I have some trouble in the crafting department. I'm getting better with the whole sewing thing, but to fold accordion style confuses me. Do I fold toward me or away from me or both? I picked up all the tissue paper and it was Jane to the rescue this time. One day during one of her visits she sat and chatted at my kitchen island and 20 minutes later they were completed. They now hang in Greta's room. Okay, do you see the organizational nightmare I have in her room? The boxes and boxes and bags and containers of stuff! The figurines, oh the figurines. Since she plays with them daily, along with her barbies, they have to be within her reach. And being that she is only 3 inches tall, everything is on the floor! What do I do???? I am so sick of seeing containers and baskets of figurines all over her room!

And for the last corner, my mantle. It has seen a new addition and I love it so. My first canvas wrap in my home and it's beautiful. Love love love.