bits of me

I am in a cheap sunglass phase. Gotta love cheap sunglasses in the summer. With all the pool and beach going we've been doing I don't have the heart to bring a pair of my nice sunglasses. And remember, I'm a sunglass whore. Literally. I LOVE sunglasses. I have too many. I would probably pick a new pair of sunglasses over a handbag. I know I know. Ridiculous. Anyways, here's my exciting $10 find. And, yes I do start my sentences with And and I know that's not proper. And then my new t shirt from the concert. LOVE. Also, I took these with my new iphone photo app, LOVE IT, it's called camera+. Check it out. Aaron found it and I absolutely love it now. Much better than lots of the ones I've seen floating around. You can add flashes and backlighting after you take a photo. There's a whole bunch of layers that make it look fun too. Strange that the top of my hair looks like a completely different color than the bottom. And it's not in real life. That's all. Not much else going on around here other than the kids are in camp this week. Greta is finished and the boys have one more day. I didn't get to do a lot other than work and exercise except for one delightful and glorious hour where I got a massage. Haven't had one in many months. Heavenly. Hopefully next week won't be so jammed with work and I can have some fun outings. I've even been thinking of a solo museum outing. Who knows.

Wait, a few more exciting bits of news! I felt the Little Bean move for the first time this week. It was special and I can't wait to actually hold him and kiss him and love him. I say him because that's what the doctor says it is. So bring it on little man. I've had 2 of you before and I think I can handle you too. We are going to have a ball building legos and learning about cowboys. You just wait because I have big plans. I love you little bean and keep making your mama eat because it's making you strong and healthy. Much Love- Your . . .? (I don't know what you're going to call me yet, but I am certain you will know who I am) Oh, and I'll save these sunglasses for you to play with so you don't ruin your favorite auntie's Chanels. :)