Gardening Update

I'm shocked, nothing is dead yet! We are undergoing some backyard renovations at the moment so I didn't know how the plants would handle it. But so far so good.

Our tomatoes. Growing so tall! We had to get one of those wire things to keep it from toppling over. We have big tomatoes and then some little ones sprouting.

Sorry for the crappy iphone pics, but I'm kind of lazy about using my camera at the moment. I have yet to finish editing the pictures from Greta's tap recital, so I've been avoiding using my camera until I finish editing everything that needs to get done. So for now I am going to enjoy our summer moments with my mind and my phone. :)

Our lettuce is beautiful!

Our brussel sprouts just started sprouting.

Our cilantra, mint, and rosemary look to be pretty happy.

Our little blurberry buds.

We haven't bought our compost bin yet because we have to lay the piedrock first. But we are in the middle of hanging some outdoor lights. Can't wait! By the way, landscaping is not cheap.