I think these 2 faces sum it up. Can you get any cuter? This weekend went by too fast and I'm sad it's over in a few more short hours. I got to spend THREE whole days IN A ROW with my Jane! THREE! That's huge! Greta and I left Thursday morning for a girls' trip which I'll have to blog about later. But let's just say that when we pulled in front of our house afterwards on Friday evening Greta cried she was home. But it didn't last long when I told her that she would see her friend (and mine!) the next day for another fun day, this time on our side of town. It was a fun day full of a kids' party, water balloons, and taco fiesta. And throw in a little 'brother sister' game between all of my kids and Alissa that would melt your heart. But all good things have to end I guess. And somehow after all that I managed to wake up and hit the Long Beach flea market this morning. But it was worth it. Got some goodies that I cannot wait to place around our home after a little house project I have planned.

Thank goodness for the break in heat today. I wouldn't have lasted booking it up and down those aisles on my time frame if I was battling 90 degree heat. Very exciting soon as well, we've consumed some garden produce and it was delish. Tomatoes, rosemary, lettuce, cilantro, and a few blueberries have all been successfully eaten and that compost bin I posted about. . . it has been put together. I am pretty into this whole gardening thing and it's a little relaxing I might add, tending to my garden. Wow, that does sound old. But hey, I'm supposed to embrace my old age right?