date night

I had a whole post ready to go for today, but then I got bummed that everything I have been posting is from weeks or months in the past. So I changed my mind and decided to blog about our date last night. Yes, we still have dates. They are few and far between but they exist.

I should really be doing a million other things at this moment but oh well. I have a few minutes in between a client and when Greta gets home from a playdate. So why not.

We saw Kings of Leon at the Hollywood Bowl last night. Amazing. Even though traffic was horrendous to get there, it's always worth it. Plopped in the middle of L.A. tucked in between hills is one of my most favorite things. If you live here and haven't done the summer picnic and concert there, please do. It's so worth it. Restaurants have prepackaged Hollywood Bowl boxes ready to go and all you need is a blanket and some wine and cups and you are good to go.

One of the very first dates Aaron and I ever went on was to the Hollywood Bowl. It was magical. And I don't know for sure if we've been back together since. I went last year with friends and my sister to see Jenny Lewis and Ray LaMontagne, and it was glorious. I think that'll be my new goal. Once each summer to go to a concert there. Sorry for the poor quality of photos but I did not want to have that big camera strapped to me while I danced my heart away to the music.

And really, is there anything better than a sold out concert where the crowd sings the words to every song? Didn't think so. Well, maybe if you add two drunk Brits sitting in the row behind you.

[vimeo 13306807]